Feeling Stuck?

I was stuck too once. Which is why I was drawn to life coaching as my professional destiny.  As a certified Life Coach, I can help.

Seeking a Path Towards Being Your Best Self but Not Sure How to Get There?

What is holding you back? Is it low self-esteem? Trauma or adversity? Perhaps you struggle with not valuing your worth or achievements? Are you challenged by addiction or lacking in mental and emotional supports? Are you stuck in unhealthy relationships or a job you can’t seem to escape?

What areas of your life do you want to change?








As Life Moves,
What’s Your Next Move?

Life moves fast. Daily demands and life challenges often impede our ability to take the steps necessary to clarify and achieve our personal and professional goals. Are you feeling stuck and need help getting unstuck? I am Cynthia and a Life Coach, and I can help.

Cynthia Kirk

As a Life Coach, I work one-on-one with clients seeking help navigating the often-challenging path towards achieving your life goals. My process includes active listening, the clear identification of goals, building a plan to achieve those goals and an accountability program to ensure my client’s stay on track. Meetings can be held online via Zoom, by teleconference or in person. I will design a custom program for you that works with your budget.

My Story

My personal life experiences established the foundation for my work today as a Life Coach. I experienced an abusive childhood, the death of a child, addiction, and divorce. My childhood was one of only conditional love and abuse, which made me feel worthless, alone and lost. I turned to drugs and alcohol to escape my emotional pain and loneliness, which led to poor relationships and life choices. When my child died, I had no coping skills for my immense guilt. This rock-bottom experience led to my recovery and brought me the strength and self-love to be able to divorce and claim my freedom.

Since then, I have not only survived but thrived! Through introspection and by setting a goal to achieve my best self, I achieved spiritual and emotional growth and positioned myself for what lay ahead, including the desire to help other achieve what I had. I have mentored and supported many women in their own recovery journey. Through my decades of hard work, I learned to love myself without outside approval and have experienced such empowerment that has come from this freedom.

You, too, deserve happiness and joy and so much more.

Join me on this exciting journey of self-discovery and success in whatever area of your life you are called to focus on by investing in yourself.