Meet Cynthia Kirk,
Certified Life Coach
& Parent Support Provider

I am Cynthia Kirk, and I have realized my dream of becoming a Life Coach.

I have spent the last 13 years as a Parent Support Provider for the Maryland Coalition of Families supporting thousands of families through life crisis and transitions. I received my Life Coach training and certification at Accomplishment Coaching, one of the world’s leading coaching programs. There, I had intensive training by a talented community of ontologically-trained leaders in the field, who specialize in combining excellence and rigor with love and being. Through hundreds of training hours over several years, I benefitted from a curriculum far above industry standards and a rigorous attention to skills development and the accountability needed to offer others the benefits of my training.


Change starts with YOU.

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    My personal life experiences established the foundation for my work today as a Life Coach. I experienced an abusive childhood, the death of a child, addiction, and divorce. My childhood was one of only conditional love and abuse, which made me feel worthless, alone and lost. I turned to drugs and alcohol to escape my emotional pain and loneliness, which led to poor relationships and life choices. When my child died, I had no coping skills for my immense guilt. This rock-bottom experience led to my recovery and brought me the strength and self-love to be able to divorce and claim my freedom.

    Since then, I have not only survived but thrived! Through introspection and by setting a goal to achieve my best self, I achieved spiritual and emotional growth and positioned myself for what lay ahead, including the desire to help other achieve what I had. I have mentored and supported many women in their own recovery journey. Through my decades of hard work, I learned to love myself without outside approval and have experienced such empowerment that has come from this freedom.

    You, too, deserve happiness and joy and so much more.

    Join me on this exciting journey of self-discovery and success in whatever area of your life you are called to focus on by investing in yourself.

    Today, I bring that knowledge and expertise to clients who find themselves at a crossroads.

    I have deep empathy and compassion for those around me and I am an excellent listener. I love animals of all kinds: rabbits, dogs, cats and horses. I take inspiration each day from the natural world all around me and I consider myself in touch with my spiritual self. I appreciate good food of all kinds and consider myself quite the chef! I believe strongly in the power of self-awareness and possibility as tools to making purposeful, meaningful changes in your life.

    Take charge of setting your life’s direction. Learn how you show up in life. Grow into the life you desire. Get vulnerable. Everyone has the potential for change and greatness at whatever stage of life you are in.

    See what it’s all about.



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